The most terrifying reptiles ever to walk the planet battle it out in glorious full-color illustrations.

Who would win in a fight to the death between an Allosaurus and a Kentrosaurus? Now eager readers can find out, as each dinosaur's strengths and weaknesses are exposed and the winner decided. Each engaging spread gives scientific information, such as classification, time period, habitat and size, as well as outlining the creature's weapons, tactics and armor. Eye-catching icons give battle stats at a glance, and each encounter is given a brief storyline to set it up.

Accurate full-color illustrations show dinosaurs in real-life battles to the death. Double-page spreads on a variety of topics -- for example, Battle Tactic Armor -- show dinosaur species and describe their fighting features, such as the body plates and spikes of Stegosaurus and Sauropelta; and the hard heads and bony clubs of the Pachycephalosaurus.

Dynamic, detailed, full-color illustrations show dinosaurs in full battle action. Fact Files describe each dinosaur's home territory and their habitat, size and distinguishing features. Battle Plans describe how the dinosaurs would fight. For example, the 2-ton Allosaurus hunted in packs and took on just about any other dinosaur, including the fiercely spiked, armored Kentrosaurus.

Even the most reluctant reader won't be able to resist these prehistoric battles brought to roaring life.

Clash of the Dinos: Watch Dinosaurs Do Battle!