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The Tampa Bay Fossil Club re-publishes a classic in Florida Paleontology, Sunrise at Bone Valley! Twenty-five years after its original publication, Sunrise at Bone Valley is now available again to a whole new generation of "paleo" enthusiasts. "We've had folks asking for the book for years, but it just wasn't available, unless you wanted to pay $50-$100 on-line for a used copy" Mike Searle, President, TBFC. In addition to its original pictures, Sunrise is packed with previously unseen photos, 45 in all. "When the Tampa Bay Fossil Club approached me about re-publishing this classic book on Florida paleontology, I have to admit I had never read it! It was long out of print and just too hard to get. Those that had a copy protected it like they do their best fossil finds. You can look at it in my collection but it isn't leaving my house!" Dr. Bob Sinibaldi, Past President, TBFC. Sunrise at Bone Valley is printed in paperback with a color cover and B&W photos mixed within its text. 

Sunrise at Bone Valley

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