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Homeschool Classes


Come join us as we learn and explore the geological and paleontological past of the Black Hills and surrounding region during each class! From life before dinosaurs to the present day, you will learn to analyze fossils and artifacts that document how life once lived and walked on Earth. Document your discoveries in a scientific journal and come make memories to last a lifetime!


Homeschool Class Schedule

Classes meet at the WFFM and can be scheduled by your group on days Monday - Wednesday, and Friday's. Please RSVP your spot. Classes will be scheduled based upon group sign ups. 


Classes Meet at:

The World Fossil Finder Museum 719 Jensen Highway, Hot Springs, SD 57747

*Exception: Black Hills - TP Canyon field trip/Fairbun, SD agate trip

Please register each child for an individual class costs ($15) per child - per class. Register via phone: 605-745-5007 or via  attn: Amanda Felizardo


Capacities are limited and all staff and participants are required to adhere to current public health concerns. If an adult or child is experiencing symptoms of covid, seasonal cold/flu, please refrain from attending. 

Available Classes:  (Please select the class that you prefer for your group)

Class 1: Geology of the Black Hills/ White River: Learning and Exploring the geological changes and creation of the Black Hills, SD. or Geology of the Badlands

Class 2: Paleo – Biology: Exploring plant life of the Black Hills and its effects on Mammal and Dinosaur life

Class 3: Rock Identification: A hands on interactive experience! 

Class 4: Field Trip: Agate Hunting at TP Canyon or Fairburn, SD. 

Class 5: Fossil Identification

Class 6: Paleo – Art: Learning how to draw mammals and dinosaurs based on muscle and bone structure.

Class 7: Lakota Legends (Native American legends based upon fossils/folke lore) and Native American/Pre-historic Man and their interaction with prehistoric mammals. 

Class 8: The Basics of Field Work: Mapping, Gridding, Identifying, and drawing fossils in situ.  Making and Applying plaster jackets on fossils (hands on activity)

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