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About the World Fossil Finder Museum

The World Fossil Finder Museum (WFFM) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit educational institution in Hot Springs, SD. Seated in the beautiful Southern Black Hills, the Museum was founded in 2018 by Frank & Deborah Garcia to share the private collections and discoveries of Amateur Paleontologist Frank Garcia.


The dream and vision of the museum has expanded and evolved into a museum that collects, preserves, and displays both local and international fossils. The WFFM puts on display the findings of amateur paleontologists and their contributions to science while opening its doors for collection research, exhibits, educational programs, and more.

Frank Garcia and his magnificent obsession

Frank Garcia grew up in Tampa Bay. His father constantly reminded him that he would not amount to anything. One summer he was sent to live with his grandfather in Pohokee, FL. His grandfather took him fishing and found out he wasn't very good at it. So instead, he asked young Frank if he would like to find fossils strewn along the riverbed. This was the beginning of Frank's magnificent obsession. 

Our journey from private collection to museum accreditation (thus far)

The World Fossil Finder Museum began as a private collection 

WFFM Board of Directors

Frank Garcia
Deborah Garcia
Zack Zacharia
Donald Brunning
April Brunning

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