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field trips & classes


The World Fossil Finder Museum offers group field trips for both Public School and Home School groups. Field trips are offered year-round and offer two options. 

Option 1: Group-guided tour

This experience takes approximately one hour. Each child has a chance to take pictures, ask questions, and learn about the wide variety of fossils in our museum's collection. Student rate is $4 per child. 

Option 2: Group-guided tour and educational class

Our museum has developed a wide variety of classes that range from Fossil/Rock Identification to Paleo Art (and many more)! There's something for everyone! Classes focus on age-appropriate lessons and hands-on activities. These classes are more suitable for off-season hours but can be adjusted to fit into our summer season. These classes are 1.5-2 hours long and are $10 per child and $8 for an accompanying adult. The ideal classroom size is no more than 20 students. If classes should be larger we would recommend the off-season.


For more information please contact Director Amanda Felizardo at 


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